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The Right Choice: Tom Nichols for CA Assembly District 8

Tom Nichols is running to represent Assembly District 8, serving parts of Calaveras, Fresno, Inyo, Madera, Mariposa, Mono, and Tuolumne Counties.

I have personally been at the mercy of state and federal mismanagement and just like many of you, had my home threatened by wildfire. We will regain control of our public lands and mitigate the fire threat to our homes and businesses. The fires haven’t been the only threat, insurance premiums are also endangering the livelihoods of the people who live and work here, leaving the future of entire communities at stake.

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Issue Statements

Nichols: I Oppose Fresno County’s Measure E

We don’t need the first county sales tax in California history to finance a Cal State University when a more appropriate use of county tax would be to address other issues like homelessness or crime. I absolutely oppose Measure E.

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Oppose SB-918 today!

While I disagree with the provision in SB-918 to “provide indicia of proof of licensure throughout the state” for conceal carry, I’m going to focus on the provisions that might land a duck hunter in prison. It restricts possession of ANY firearm (shotgun/pistol/rifle) while it is UNLOADED and in a case, while LOCKED IN YOUR…

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Tom Nichols, Sierra foothills outdoorsman, is ready to fight for you in the state Assembly!

Tom is a resident of Squaw Valley, where he breeds and trains quarter horses with his wife, Vicki, and enjoys a variety of outdoors activities. He worked his way through college as a carpenter and general contractor, and works as a telecommunications specialist in the east valley. Tom is a grateful father to 6 children (with 3 grandchildren, and counting), especially as he reflects on difficult times earlier in his life. He is the current Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Fresno County, and serves on the Judicial Committee for the Libertarian Party of California.

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